UltimatePlayer.me encourages children aged 4-11 to be passionate about their participation in sports and focused on improving their skill by providing children with a wide range of applications through which they can engage with sport.

The Ultimate Player programme provides users with a bespoke sporting skill set challenge, which is supported by a uniquely designed online platform proven to incentivise children in raising their levels of performance across all sports. Points are awarded to players by qualified coaches ('Ambassadors') and/or parents/guardians (with overall supervision by Ambassadors) for completion of certain skill challenges such as tackling, ball handling and match play and covering all sports for girls and boys.

Users can also create personalised profiles online, through which they can access and track their sporting performance and compare their performance to other users. Importantly, in line with safeguarding children, online registration will need to be completed/confirmed by a consenting adult (a parent, guardian or Ambassador). A strict vetting procedure is also implemented to validate the status of Ambassadors.

As children rise through the levels towards Ultimate player status parents are able to reward and incentivise them by purchasing merchandise online with the Ultimate Player logo and also to buy a range of virtual rewards which enhance their children's profile page.

UltimatePlayer.me is a new 'free to view online platform' dedicated to bring to children an ability to measure their own individual skill sets.

UltimatePlayer.me complies as far as possible with best practise to protect the children visiting UltimatePlayer.me. This, of course, includes privacy over all personal information.

The Ultimate Player programme provides an innovative, secure, interactive and exciting online platform that will stimulate interest in sport, fitness and statistics. As the number of active players and coaches grow and children become more involved in improving their performance, UltimatePlayer.me will establish a significant value. As the brand becomes recognised there is a significant opportunity for revenues to be generated from specific enterprises wanting to advertise or act as sponsors.